Cloud DX at Interface Challenge 2016

We are presenting our Respiratory Disease Detection Application. Last year, we came second. This year, vote for us and help us move up a notch!

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Innovative Medical Tests That You Definitely Want To Know About

Vitaliti platform featured on The Marilyn Dennis Show. Watch the entire segment here.

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Cloud DX selected for the Next 48Hrs in the Valley

May 9, 2016, San Francisco -

C100 Announces 17 Startups Selected for the Next 48Hrs in the Valley

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Cloud DX at eHealth Week

Cloud DX partnership with the biggest hospital in The Netherlands announced at eHealth Week in Amsterdam.

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Cloud Diagnostics

We build and sell precision vital sign monitoring equipment, software and mobile apps. Our products are used by advanced healthcare providers to extend care beyond the four walls of the clinic. We offer unique, proprietary solutions that are more sophisticated than the competition, yet cost less. We call our platform Cloud Diagnostics.


Cloud DX devices offer best-in-class data security: our sensors typically broadcast raw signals that require analysis to mean anything.


Our thin-client apps connect to our servers with 256-bit encryption.


Our data warehouse is secured and “protected health information" (PHI) is physically separated from personal data.


The platform is fully HIPAA compliant where required.

Connected Health KITS

Monitor vital signs both in clinic and at home.


We invented our own FDA-cleared wrist-cuff sensor that’s as accurate as an intra-arterial catheter.


Results are available in our own portals and integrated to popular EMRs including EPIC, AthenaHealth and Greenway Medical.


We collect unique cardiovascular data that improves outcomes and reduces costs.

Clinical Vital Signs Report
Clinical Vital Signs


What if precision blood pressure, weight, oxygen and temperature could be gathered quickly and upload to the EMR automatically? Practitioners can save hundreds of hours of staff time over a the course of a year - multiplied across thousands of visits a year this automation dramatically improves clinic workflow and generates significant ROI for a hospital or practice.

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Remote Patient Monitoring Doctor
Remote patient Monitoring


The Pulsewave Connected Health System enables identical vital sign measurement in both the exam room and at home, giving the care team unprecedented knowledge of the patient’s condition in real time. Access to patient vital sign data 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week plus smart Notifications* of any exception catch acute events early, improving outcomes.

*this feature is in public-beta test mode and will be fully released in 2016

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“I am using Pulsewave remote monitoring in my practice and I have been impressed by the results. In one recent case, my team was alerted to a potentially serious complication very quickly. I believe that our timely intervention, in part due to early warning by Pulsewave, was the key to a healthy outcome for my patient and her baby.”

– Sandy Sharma, MD, Obstetrician, Oakville ON

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Pulsewave device


Pulsewave Health Monitor is a multi-function virtual medical device and Cloud Diagnostics software application, FDA cleared and Health Canada Licensed to measure heart rate, blood pressure and cardiac anomalies in real time.

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Connected Health Kit


The Cloud DX Connected Health Kit is designed to ‘just work’ right out of the box. Our unique Pulsewave USB wrist cuff device, bluetooth body-weight scale and bluetooth oximeter are already paired with the included Android Health Tablet. The optional 3G data connection uses the reliable Verizon® network (in the US). We even include the batteries! It’s never been easier to monitor your health.

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Connected Health Kit

*Connected Health device availability varies by country.

The CLoud DX Difference

For Doctors

  • Pulsewave gathers exactly the same vital signs in the exam room and at home: blood pressure, weight, SpO2, heart rate, respiration and temperature
  • Cloud Diagnostics generates unique results including our Total Anomaly Score cardiac screen. We deliver for more measurements than any other vital sign solution
  • Our smart ‘Schedule’ helps boost adherence to care instructions; smart ‘Notifications’* mean fewer false alarms and more actionable data

For Practices

  • Automated Cloud DX high tech vital sign devices integrated to the EMR save staff time, reassure patients and streamline workflow
  • Cloud Diagnostics entire solution is FDA-cleared under 510(k), and includes a detailed audit file for every reading, reducing risk
  • Connected Health with Cloud DX is powering managed care and enabling reimbursement by CMS (under new CPT codes) and by private payers

For Patients

  • Pulsewave includes a wrist-cuff sensor proven to be more comfortable for more users than typical arm cuffs
  • Our Connected Health Kits come pre-paired so all our devices “just work" right out of the box, no hassles
  • Being cared for at home via Connected Health means better care, less travel and fewer doctor’s visits

For Payers

  • Numerous published studies prove that Remote Patient Monitoring can reduce admissions, emergency room visits and overall cost of care
  • Connected Health improves patient engagement, patient satisfaction and loyalty. Overwhelmingly patients prefer to be cared for at home for as long as possible.
  • Since approximately 20% of patients consume over 80% of healthcare resources, mostly for chronic care, Cloud DX Connected Health saves money and delivers substantial ROI

*this feature is in public-beta test mode and will be fully released in 2016

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