Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Care

Track + Triage + Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms


COVID-19 mortality increases dramatically for older patients with multiple health conditions. To keep elderly patients safe, authorities recommend remote patient monitoring and telemedicine to avoid infection.

The US CDC and WHO recommend that “older people and people with severe chronic conditions should take special precautions because they are at higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness.” 1 2

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Cloud DX Connected Health

Cloud DX Connected Health is a full-featured virtual care platform, incorporating telemedicine, including secure privacy-compliant 2-way video chat, powered by HIPAA Compliant Zoom, vitals monitoring, notifications and clinical dashboard.

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Platform Capabilities

Monitor patients for COVID-19 symptoms, and triage their answers with these clinical workflows:

  1. Remotely collect accurate vital signs including temperature and blood pressure
  2. Send surveys to patients daily. Responses are scored automatically
  3. Receive notification emails when vital signs or survey answers change
  4. Schedule daily patient activities such as taking vitals, medications & surveys
  5. Monitor & improve compliance to the patient’s daily schedule
  6. Conduct secure HIPAA compliant Zoom video visits, initiated and controlled by the physician
  7. Communicate with patients via 2-way secure text messages
  8. Deliver COVID-19 content to patients, including PDFs and videos
  9. Generate standard reports on patient vital signs & survey scores
  10. Export those reports as needed to patient record files & the EMR
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“When COVID-19 restrictions came into effect in early March, hospitals were challenged to drastically reduce non-emergency care. Taking vital signs is an important part of care in hospital, so it stands to reason that taking patients’ vital signs virtually from home makes a lot of sense, especially in patients who are at high risk for complications.”

– Dr. P.J. Devereaux
Professor of medicine at McMaster, Cardiologist at HHS, Senior Scientist at PHRI, and Co-principal Investigator of the PVC-RAM patient trial.

Now Reimbursable

Teleheath and remote patient monitoring is now reimbursable in the United States and Canada.

Temperature Tracking App

Patient Symptom Tracking

Adherence tools help improve compliance to care plans.

Patients download the free Cloud DX mobile app (Android or iOS) on a smartphone or tablet computer. Scheduled daily COVID-19 self-assessment surveys and temperature readings are collected automatically. Manual entry for temperature is enabled in the CloudDX app, so people can use the thermometer they already have. Patients are reminded to take their temperature and answer the symptom survey every day.

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Automatic Notifications

When a temperature reading exceeds a pre-set trigger, and/or survey answers indicate a COVID-19 symptom is present, a notification email is automatically sent to the patient, designated family/friends and the care team.

Follow-up can then occur by phone or by secure two-way video conference. Secure 2-way text messaging is also available in the app and on the clinician portal.

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Notifications by email

* Please note: symptom surveys are for personal use and are not monitored or interpreted by a physician. Cloud DX does not offer medical advice. Symptom survey questions are based best-practice assessment questions provided by health authorities in Canada and the United States. Not intended for active patient monitoring.

COVID-19 Tracking Report

EMR Integration

During and after the COVID-19 isolation period, reports on temperatures and symptoms are available to export from the Cloud DX Connected Health web portal. Our software platform can export these reports as PDFs for secure upload to the EMR patient record. For some EMR users (including AthenaHealth users with Dulcian Health) reports can be automatically uploaded via our secure web API.

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HIPAA, PHIPA and HIPMA Compliant

Cloud DX Connected Health is developed under a certified ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System. Cloud DX software is FDA Registered and Health Canada MDEL licensed. Cloud DX solutions comply with HIPAA regulations in the United States and with PHIPA and HIPMA in Canada. Personal health data is encrypted and stored in its country of origin, in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft Azure
FDA Registered
Health Canada Licensed
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About Cloud DX

We are an award-winning virtual care solution provider based in the United States and Canada. The Cloud DX Connected Health platform offers mobile apps for patients, a secure online clinician portal, automated symptom tracking, notification of the appearance of symptoms, secure video visits for Telemedicine, tools for improving compliance and EMR integration of patient reports.

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